A week of intense work and significant progress towards finalizing the logistics and infrastructure aspects of the Competition left teams confident to deliver a remarkable 47th WorldSkills Competition scheduled for 10-15 September 2024, in Lyon, France (Lyon2024).

Competition Preparation Week (CPW) took place from 29 January to 2 February, in Lyon, bringing together Skill Management Teams, Members, Global Partners, the Competition Organizer, and WorldSkills International to coordinate and plan in detail and ramp up readiness for the WorldSkills Lyon Competition.

Themed “Where there is a skill, there is a way,” CPW underscored several objectives, including updating Members on the progression of skill competitions and ongoing developments within each skill area. Additionally, discussions revolved around enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of skill competitions while envisioning optimizing the use of resources to reduce the carbon footprint of the Competition.

Parallel to these efforts, CPW organized dedicated meetings for each of the 62 skill competitions, outlining technical requirements such as Infrastructure Lists, workshop layouts, and health, safety, and environmental prerequisites.

In parallel, a press conference was held, revealing important details of the competition, and serving as the legacy and impact of the event.  Additional supporting programs to the Competition included a Sponsors Forum, and a Diplomatic Briefing, as well as the launch of the WorldSkills cultural exchange program, One School One Country.

Reflecting on the significance of CPW, Sens Shoolongo, WorldSkills Namibia Manager, and Technical Delegate underscored its fundamental role in coordinating logistical aspects and fostering productive dialogues among technical teams, thereby transforming uncertainties into clarity.

Namibia will be represented by fourteen (14) competitors across 13 skill areas namely, Restaurant Service, Bricklaying, Mechatronics (comprising a team of two competitors), Plumbing and Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Web Technologies, Fashion Technology, Wall and Floor Tiling, Electrical Installations, Cooking, Welding, Automobile Technology and Joinery.

To facilitate the preparatory journey of the Namibian team, competitors, and experts are registered on the Competition Information System (CIS), a WSI preparatory system, ensuring access to essential competition training materials and online platforms as part of the attainment of competition readiness requirements.

The team’s mandatory preparatory ratings are continuously guided and monitored by the Secretariat in line with the WorldSkills International Competition Standards.

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