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With increased globalisation and seamless boundaries between countries, regions and continents, and the fast changing technologies, the demand to have skilled Namibians should realistically be viewed at global level. 


The WorldSkills Competition (WSC) is an international skills competition organised bi-annually by WorldSkills International (WSI), which is a non-political, member-based organisation that promotes skills excellence around the globe. Namibia, through the NTA/ WorldSkills Namibia, is a member of WSI. To date, WSI has 79 member countries/regions, and Africa is represented by six members: Egypt, Morocco, Namibia, South Africa, Tunisia, and Zambia. The competition, held in a different member country bi-annually, provides a means of exchange and comparison of competency standards in industrial trades and service sectors of the global economy. It also establishes networking and sharing platforms for WSI members and industry partners for mutual promotion of worldwide awareness of the essential contribution that skills and high standards of competence make to economic development.


Namibia through the NTA became a member of WorldSkills International (WSI) and a full member in 2015. WSI is a non-political organisation with a primary objective to promote skills excellence by staging bi-annual WorldSkills Competition (WSC) in which competitors from all member countries are eligible to take part. Namibia took part for the first time in the WSC which was hosted by the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo in 2015. In 2016, WorldSkills Namibia (WSN) was established under the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) to set up a skills competition system in Namibia and to prepare the country’s first ever National Skills Competition. The second National Skills Competition is set to take place from 3 – 6 April 2019, at Ramatex in Windhoek. NSC serves as the net to select competitors that will represent the county at the next WSC to be held in Russia, Kazan from 22 – 27 August 2019.

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